Selling Your South Florida Home: What To Know

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen an unprecedented shift in the housing market. Inventory has dropped significantly, shifting directly into a seller’s market. With people moving in droves to South Florida from other parts of the country such as California, New York, and Texas, supply of homes just simply can’t keep up with the demand—and that’s a great thing. As the housing market has started to neutralize throughout the country, it continues to stay hot in South Florida. South Florida homes are coming off the market as soon as they’re being put up, and for well above what their asking price would be in a more traditional market.

If you’ve been debating on whether or not to sell your home, make no mistake—now is the time! Whether you’re looking to downsize or move, the 2022 South Florida housing market is the ideal ecosystem for making the most on your home’s value.

Make no mistake, though. Selling your South Florida home actually requires a myriad of moving pieces to have everything cohesively come together. Thankfully, The Wilson Team is here to assist you through each and every step you should take to successfully sell your home and maximize its value in 2022.

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Emotionally Remove Yourself From The Home

It’s easy to grow attached to your home, and for good reason. You’ve likely lived here for a while and have some great memories within its walls. That said, if you’re planning on selling your home, you need to emotionally separate yourself from the home. You have to view this as a business transaction first and foremost. This is one of those few times where you have to make your “home” a “house”, and not the other way around.

Being able to separate the two makes it easier to let go and move on from the home, and help you focus on securing the best deal for it.

Establish A Strong Timeline

Selling your South Florida is a lengthy process—typically taking anywhere between two and six months to complete. With the housing market moving as fast as it is, you’ll likely find it closer to the shorter end of that estimate. Even so, you begin preparations two to three months before you list your home for sale. During this time, there’s a few things you should do to ensure you’re on the right path towards listing your home. This includes:

  • Decluttering and depersonalizing the exterior and interior of your home
  • Consider scheduling a pre-sale inspection
  • Schedule repairs (as needed)
  • Deep clean your home
  • Stage your home for listing photos

Consider A Pre-Sale Inspection

A great way to ensure your South Florida home sale goes smoothly is to schedule a pre-sale inspection. An inspection team will review your home from top to bottom, identifying any structural or functional issues that may need to be addressed before you sell your home. This gives you the opportunity to square away any potential issues so you can enjoy a smooth, drama free sale at the finish line.

Don’t Waste Money On Needless Updates

You’ve likely heard of the concept of upgrading your home before selling it to increase its value, however this is actually a pitfall many homeowners fall into. They tend to jump at the idea of installing new appliances, making their house a “smart home” and other unnecessary (and costly) features. The reality is: with the market as hot as it is, your home is likely to sell without all the bells and whistles that hurt your bottom dollar.

If you feel that there are some home areas of your home that are in need of significant updating such as your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to consider its ROI when selling your home.

Contact The Wilson Team

When it’s time to put your home for sale, you need a real estate agent that you can trust to accurately and effectively market your home. Someone that can maximize the house’s value and showcase it to the broadest community. You need The Wilson Team. With a focus on waterfront homes and a specialization in South Florida houses, we know the market better than anyone else. We continuously educate ourselves and utilize the most advanced marketing strategies and technologies to position your home in a way where it becomes significantly more attractive than the rest of the homes on the market in your area.

What To Know

Selling Your Home For Cash

When you’re making the move towards selling your home, you’ll likely receive cash only offers. While the prospect of receiving cash—coupled with the idea of a quick and easy sale—makes South Florida home seller’s eyes go wide. Keep in mind, though, that cash only buyers likely won’t buy your home for more than 75% of its asking price, minus repair expenses that may come. So, if your home was listed at $500,000 and required $50,000 in repairs, they would only offer $325,000.

Accommodate Buyers

Even if it may inconvenience your day to day life, it’s important to remember that you have to accommodate all of your buyers. This means keep the house spotless constantly for tours, regardless of when they may be visiting. This can be rather exhausting, however it’s key to remember that you’re nearly at the finish line.

Remove Personal Effects

When you were originally buying your South Florida home, you probably imagined how you would lay out each space, envisioned your children running around, etc. That magic feeling against a blank slate gives prospective home buyers the inspiration to buy your home above others. It’s hard for buyers to see themselves in this home with their family when you have pictures of your family everywhere. You want them to remove themselves from the shoes of a stranger and into the shows of the owner of this home.

Be Realistic

With the market as hot as it is and seeing home prices skyrocket, it’s easy to get carried away with the listing price. Pricing it out exorbitantly above the fair market price will drive buyers away, leaving you in the dust as other homes close. When it comes time to list your home, our team will utilize the tools at our disposal to provide you with a fair evaluation to better position the house for prospective buyers.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your South Florida home, contact The Wilson Team online or give us a call at (561) 289-3656.