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Hurricane Preparedness For Your Waterfront Property in South Florida

Hurricane Preparedness For You Waterfront Property in South Florida

Hurricane season has officially begun and if you own waterfront property in South Florida, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever this hurricane season may bring. Everyone hopes for a quiet hurricane season but we all know that the weather can be unpredictable. It’s best to be prepared for anything. Below you will find ideas to help prepare your waterfront property for hurricane season. 

Document and Secure Possessions

The first step in preparing for the hurricane season is taking the necessary precautions to prevent any possible damages to yourself, possessions, and property. Remind your family to listen to hurricane warnings and guidelines. 

For your possessions, you should:

Document and List: Take pictures and/or videos of your deck, seawall, and general home exterior. Photos, videos, and lists are beneficial for FEMA and/or insurance claims if a hurricane makes landfall on or around your waterfront property. 

Secure and Store: If a hurricane or tropical storm is reported to make landfall, you’ll want to secure and store items such as patio furniture, potted plants, flags, deck ropes, and other loose items. These items can be easily blown away by hurricane-force winds. Make sure to also secure your boat in a dry storage bay, either offshore or at your dock. 

Take Valuables: Before a hurricane strikes, make sure to gather all of your important documents such as family photos, birth certificates, and so on. If you’re evacuating, it’s best to take these items with you. If you are staying, make sure these items are placed somewhere high as a storm surge is always a serious threat for waterfront property owners. 

While it’s impossible to completely hurricane-proof a house, these steps will help you secure your property and give ease of mind when the storm hits. 

Hurricane Preparedness for Windows

Waterfront properties have no barrier between the home and the storm. Waterfront homes are especially vulnerable to high winds and strong storm surges from a hurricane. Having strong protection in place is essential for keeping your home safe.

Protection methods such as 2x4s and plywood are hard, sweaty work and lumber supplies are often low when a hurricane draws near. There are better, more secure options that you should consider:

Hurricane Shutters: Hurricane shutters are permanently installed, impact-resistant protection for your windows and small openings. There are lots of different styles available that help match the style of your home.

Impact Windows: Impact windows are made from special materials that were designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris that would be caused by hurricanes. These windows look and operate just like a traditional window would expect they’ll keep your home safe in the event of a hurricane. 

Hurricane Screens: Hurricane screens are lightweight, affordable, and most importantly, strong. These screens can protect areas where shutters may not be ideal. Some screens are even motorized and can be rolled up and down with the touch of a button. 

Hurricane Preparedness for Doors and Garages

Protecting your waterfront property from flying debris with window solutions is important, but you also have to consider your entry door and garage door. These options can help give your property a complete protection plan from strong winds, flooding, and debris. 

Entryway hurricane protection includes:

Impact Doors: Similar to impact windows, impact doors are designed from the same materials and keep your home safe with the help of fiberglass, aluminum construction, and reinforced jambs and hinges. These doors also come in a number of styles. 

Impact Garage Doors: If you have a garage attached to your waterfront property, you should consider impact garage doors. If your garage door were to fail, your garage and home are now open to wind, debris, and change in pressure that the storm brings. Changes in pressure can lead to roof and wall failure. Impact garage doors were designed to handle pressure, debris, wind, and rain. They will protect your home during the entire storm. 

Looking for Waterfront Property?

Hurricane season is a stressful time for people in South Florida, especially those living on waterfront property. While it may seem impossible to completely secure your waterfront property, following these hurricane preparedness tips will help your home endure these storms and come out the other side standing strong. 

If you’re in the market to buy or sell waterfront property in South Florida, Jeff Wilson is ready to help you. Visit his page today to see what we can do for you!

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